You can’t say ‘I will be in politics and continue to act in films’: Vivekh | Tamil Movie News

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You can’t say ‘I will be in politics and continue to act in films’: Vivekh | Tamil Movie News

Actor Vivekh has always been known for his unique comedy that has a bit of social awareness. The veteran comedian and advocate of Green Kalam, a massive tree planting campaign in respect to the wishes of the former President the late APJ Abdul Kalam, was in the city recently to take part in a tree sapling planting event. The actor, who has been voicing out his opinions on several issues, spoke to CT about the significance of protecting environment, Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan entering politics and more.

The actor is excited about the ‘Beat the Plastic’ movement and the initiative taken by the Tamil Nadu government to ban plastic usage from next year. “I think banning plastic is one of the best things we can do to mother earth, because plastic is indestructible. There was an IAS officer called Rajarathinam in Cuddalore. I have been associated with him for a lot of tree sapling sessions. He wouldn’t even accept a bouquet if it is wrapped in plastic. That’s how one should be. I will definitely try my best to stop using plastic. There is no problem in using disposable plastic, which has been used in several industries right from the mugs to medical equipment. We should only be concerned about the plastic that affects the soil and water bodies.”

Vivekh, who was last seen in ‘Sakka Podu Podu Raja’, has two films in his kitty. “One is ‘Vellai Pookal’ (title is more likely to be changed), which has been shot in Seattle, US. I play the protagonist, a retired cop in the crime thriller. The film is about what happens there, when I visit the city to see my son, who is working in a software firm. The second one is ‘Ezhumin’, where I play a motivator for school children. The film talks about the politics involved in various sports. These two films are being directed by debutants Vivek Elangovan and VP Viji. I am also in talks with popular Hindi film producer KC Bokadia.”

What kind of films is Vivekh looking to do at this juncture of his career? “This is my 32
nd year in the industry. I have been playing second fiddle for heroes all along my career; there are several new comedians who are doing it now. I now want to concentrate on doing different characters rather than being a mere comedian. I don’t want to keep playing hero’s sidekick anymore.”

Talking about the kind of films Kollywood has been coming up with in the last few years, he says, “Kollywood has made a good progress in the last few years. It is a good sign that women are doing lead roles now. They always had this regret of being mere glamour dolls on screen. This is a welcoming change. People are now giving a lot of importance to good stories, rather than commercial films, where the hero does everything. But, you can never expect commercial films to disappear, because the audience will always want some of their heroes to do such roles. But, people are starting to appreciate experimental films, despite the number of challenges a film faces right from getting enough screens to battling piracy.”

The actor is also worried about the hurdles Rajinikanth’s latest release has been facing in Karnataka. “Of late, this has become a big issue. Earlier, people didn’t mix films with politics. I also request the same; films should be viewed as just films and shouldn’t be mixed with politics. Such problem arises only when the main lead in the film enters politics, I think Rajini Sir is in a delicate position since both states (Tamil Nadu and Karnataka) are important to him. I just hope the issue gets over soon.”

About Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan’s political entry, he says, “I wish both of them best of luck. This is a democratic country and no one has the right to stop anyone entering into politics. You should never look at the profession of people coming into politics. Since these people (cine field) are already popular and have earned the goodwill of the people by doing their work properly, there is nothing wrong in cine stars getting into politics. But, once they have stepped into politics, they should be 100 percent dedicated to it. You can never say I will be in politics and continue to act in films. You can’t ride two horses at the same time. They should be totally selfless and dedicated towards people.”

When asked if Vivekh would take the plunge as well, he says no. “I am not interested in getting into typical politics. Since, I am a disciple of Kalam Sir; I am already into social welfare. Following his footsteps is my major agenda. But, I would never mind accepting a portfolio that has to do with saving nature and making the world green.”

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