Work out; Ageless technique; Help at hand; Small world

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Work out; Ageless technique; Help at hand; Small world

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Work out

• Sir – There has been a significant rise in the incidence of lifestyle diseases recently. Problems like diabetes, obesity, hypertension and so on are no longer genetic, but a result of an unhealthy lifestyle. Modernization has ensured that most people have sedentary lives. This, coupled with a complete disregard for dietary requirements and any form of exercise, is the cause behind various modern-day ailments. The need of the hour is to raise awareness among the public about the benefits of regular exercise. Stress should be laid on the fact that physical activity of any kind, even for a short duration, counts. A simple walk to the local store, too, can make a world of difference.

Deblina Rout,

Ageless technique

• Sir – Rafael Nadal should be congratulated for winning the French Open title for the 11th time. The 32-year-old Spaniard has proved, once again, that he is still the undisputed king of clay. This is also Nadal’s 17th Grand Slam title. There are several heartening things about Nadal’s victory. Not only has he beat age, but he has also bounced back, time and again, from injuries. One looks forward to watching a competition between Nadal and Roger Federer at Wimbledon.

Indranil Sanyal,

• Sir – It is a delight to watch Rafael Nadal play. Nadal’s skillful court craft and subtle drops made the final at Roland Garros no less than a thriller. Age, they say, is just a number; Nadal is proof of this. His laser-sharp focus on the game when he is on the court and his passion have a lot to do with his longevity.

Shovanlal Chakraborty,

• Sir – The recent victory of Rafael Nadal is both surprising and awe inspiring. To imagine that one player has won, what can arguably be called the most difficult tournament in tennis, 11 times is astonishing to say the least. Nadal dropped just one set, and his performance highlights the gulf between him and other players, even the great ones, on clay.

It is remarkable that even after so many years and multiple career-threatening injuries, Nadal is able to dominate a game in the same way that he did in the early part of his career. The focus will now shift to the grass court. Every tennis fan is eagerly awaiting the return of Roger Federer on his favourite turf. The dream final for most fans is likely to be one where Federer plays Nadal.

Abhiroop Sarkar,

Help at hand

• Sir – It is commendable that the P.C. Chandra Group helped the young Sathi Saha to complete her school education. Big corporate houses should come forward to help meritorious students in case parents are unable to afford the cost of education. It is the best form of corporate social responsibility that any company can carry out. Education has to be the plinth on which we build the future of India.

Moreover, the Central government should amend the provident fund rules and increase the pension amount. This might help many people afford the expenses of their children’s education. Many pensioners have also been unable to claim their pension because of the inefficiency of the pension departments. This should be looked into.

B.K. Nundee,

Small world

• Sir – Millennials have grown up in the age of virtual reality. Earlier, friends would meet each other, relatives would barge into each other’s homes; these everyday incidents shaped our lives. Nowadays, although by dint of technology we remain connected to friends, relatives and acquaintances round the clock, such a connection is often superficial. This is not just making people more lonely but also more self-centred. All activities are aimed at hard selling oneself in an increasingly competitive world.

Balaka Banerjee,

• Sir – The world is growing smaller with the advent of the internet. But strangely, instead of bringing people closer, it has only pushed them further apart. This just shows that nothing can replace physical interaction.

Arka Goswami,

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