When John Abraham WARNED Shahid Kapoor about KriArj Entertainment!

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When John Abraham WARNED Shahid Kapoor about KriArj Entertainment!

John Abraham and Shahid Kapoor may not have any films in common (Which is a void that we hope gets filled fast!), perhaps this recent episode may prove that you don’t need to have a common film or an inter-connecting body of work to be friends. Sometimes, perhaps, all you need is a common problem!

In the case of John and Shahid, that common problem was KriArj Entertainment, who is (and in the other case, was) the co-producer of Parmanu: The Story Of Pokhran and Batti Gul Meter Chaalu, the two films that feature John and Shahid in the lead parts respectively.

As may be known to many by now, while Abraham and team KriArj have reportedly settled the dispute over Parmanu, the production rights of Shahid’s Batti Gul Meter Chaalu now solely belong to T-Series.

But, did you know that when the tiff between John and KriArj was on and making headlines, it was Abraham who rang up Shahid so that he could advise Kapoor to be careful about working with KriArj?

A source close to the affair was quoted saying, “John, who was then in the midst of his legal battle with KriArj over Parmanu: The Story Of Pokhran, told Shahid to be careful about whatever moves he made in lieu of BGMC. Besides talking about their respective films with the then common producer, Shahid appreciated the fact that John called on him.”

Well, clearly, John didn’t have to do this, but it was utterly sweet that he did!

What’s your take on this? Let us know!

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