Two whiskey cocktails that you must try this weekend

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Fortnite Mobile: Epic Games predict more good news as Android release date approaches

Two whiskey cocktails that you must try this weekend

Two whiskey cocktails that you must try this weekend

Whisky stands out amongst the most prominent spirits on the planet, offering distinctive blends and an extensive range of complexities and flavours. However, there’s no specific way of appreciating the drink. If you discover a drink or a mix that you like and works, bravo! Sip it and attempt another, once you sip it down! There is no incorrect way to drink whisky, and as there is no definitive way to mix it in a cocktail. The demand for whisky-based cocktails, however, has seen an exponential

rise in recent times. From all-time favourite LIIT to the Crazy Lagoons, the interest is shifting to oldfashioned and Whisky sours. Especially in India, where the drink has always been an overwhelming favourite, Whisky cocktails are definitely leading the trend in current times.


EXPERIENCE: Currently, the country has about three generations of whisky drinkers with varied experiences. However, cocktails can be a great way for people to find their way into the whisky world. A well-balanced drink can showcase the spirit’s versatility and adaptability to those who may be new to the drink but want to develop the taste for it. And it shouldn’t be a surprise if their experiments with the drink can even reveal some new aspects of whisky to the seasoned drammers.

EXPOSURE: While whisky consumption in its conventional avatar shall long live in vogue in the country, parallel to this, whisky cocktails continue to become popular. This is because millennials are evolving their drinking habits all over the world. As this new drinking behaviour unfurls, whisky gets a more extensive space at the bar counters and is being listed among the top cocktail drinks.

EXPERIMENTATION: The millennial generation are more experimental with their choice of food and drinks. They might like something but that doesn’t necessarily mean they want to stay loyal to it. This generation wants its experience to be based on trends. Further, in the realm of spirits, the tried and tested experiences recommend that every new generation experiments on the tipple of the generation before. This liberal state of mind of a millennial, which is more experimental, outgoing and more exposed to foreign cultures and eating habits has created a stir in the lifestyle stereotypes. So next time you want to enjoy whisky, go experimental and find your own mix. In the meanwhile, try fixing yourself these fun drinks at home that can be mixed with Grant’s Scotch whisky using ingredients available in your kitchen.

Apple Whisky Cocktail

50ml Grant’s Family Reserve; 150ml Apple juice; 1/4 Lemon squeezed

1.Pour whisky over ice in a whisky glass.

2.Top off with apple juice and squeeze

in lemon.

3.Garnish with apple slice.

Sour Whisky Cocktail

50ml Grantfs Family Reserve; 25ml Simple syrup; 25ml Lemon Juice

1.Add whisky, simple syrup and ice to shaker.

2.Squeeze in the lemon juice and shake.

3.Strain into a whisky glass full of ice and garnish with a Maraschino cherry.

-Rohan Bhardwaj is the first Indian brand ambassador for Grant’s India

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