Telangana Film Development Corporation seeks inquiry into Tollywood sex racket in Chicago- The New Indian Express

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Telangana Film Development Corporation seeks inquiry into Tollywood sex racket in Chicago- The New Indian Express

By Express News Service

HYDERABAD: Seeking an inquiry into a Tollywood sex racket that was busted in Chicago, USA, the Telangana Film Development Corporation (TFDC) has intimated the city police department. This comes around the same time when women’s organisations in the city are raising objections to the naming of the female artists from the Telugu film industry (TFI) involved in the racket. They have demanded that the TFDC announce an action plan to stop sexual harassment in the industry. The women activists said that the measures for women safety that were outlined a month ago should be implemented with immediate effect.

They also demanded that the government take cognisance of the Chicago incident and begin an inquiry.
TFDC officials informed Express that this has already begun.

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For almost four months now, a number of female artists from the industry have been highlighting the existence of casting couch. Meanwhile, last week’s arrest of Telugu film producer Kishan Modugumudi and his wife Chandra in Chicago for luring actresses into flesh trade in the United States created a lot more buzz.  

Activists argued that the focus of these instances being highlighted has shifted to identifying individuals instead of addressing the problem. Sajaya Kakarla, a women’s rights activist said, “We need to understand that the case of the Chicago couple is an extension of sexual exploitation that takes place at workplace. There is no point in speculating about the identity of women,” she said.  

Ram Mohan Rao, chairperson of TFDC, informed Express, “The incident took place in Chicago and we need to find out if the persons who came forward to complain were part of the racket willingly or were forced into it. We need to see both the sides and then come to a conclusion.”

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