Technology and back pain – Daily Times

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Technology and back pain – Daily Times

Sir: An increasing number of young people seem to be suffering from back and neck pain these days and can’t seem to understand why. The answer is very simple, too much technology.

The fact of the matter is young people are simply spending too much time in front of screens these days, be they from laptops, video game devices or mobile phones.

How do these cause back and neck pain? Firstly they encourage sedentary behaviour, which will cause weight gain, which goes on to cause back pain. Secondly, when most people use these devices, they have their heads bowed down. This constant curving of the spine devastates the back, and can cause long term pain. In many cases, the pain can become chronic.

Therefore it is the responsibility of parents to make sure they correct their children’s posture and limit their time in front of technology that uses screens.

Furthermore, the companies’ who manufacture these devices should take the requirements of the human body into account, and look into new designs so that so much stress is not placed on the spine. Employers and office managers should also look into the benefits of standing desks, as they have been shown to have a positive impact on health.

Modern lifestyle is very busy, and driven by technology. But we should not forget that the human body has certain requirements which may be getting ignored.



Published in Daily Times, May 13th 2018.

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