Something for everyone at the Electronic Entertainment Expo- The New Indian Express

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Something for everyone at the Electronic Entertainment Expo- The New Indian Express

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CHENNAI : Akin to the surety of success of the next Marvel movie, is also the popularity of the Electronic Entertainment Expo amongst gamers — which every year showcases the release of the next generation of videogames. This year, like every other year, with E3 came the announcement of the release date of the next FIFA game. And there is the essential annual list of game announcements to entertain different tastes:

The cute puzzle-game with good graphics: ‘Unravel 2’ now has two coloured balls of yarn working in co-op to change the environment and progress through the game. In the 3D landscape that has a huge feeding of good game physics, the human-like balls of yarn jump over platforms and get their strings tangled. The co-op game is playable by a single player, where you’d have to interchange between the red and blue characters.

The FPS successor from a popular franchise: I had a lot of questions as I watched Battlefield 5’s multiplayer trailer without context. A squad jumping from a WW2 airplane to an arbitrary location? This looks like a Battle Royale! The 5-minute gameplay demo clarified this immediately — BF V is going to be a very sophisticated Battle Royale. It has all the normal stuff — picking up guns and ammo, reviving knocked-out teammates. But it is also more intense — the graphics are denser, you get to use and destroy canons and use tanks. The game also has sequential mode changes, as the battle progresses day by day.

The ‘Indie’ game published by EA: 
‘Sea of Solitude’ targets representing loneliness in a game form, in the background of a world flooded in water. Extreme hopelessness turns humans into monsters (but the monsters look slightly cute). With the trailer showing the human-monster confronting other monsters in her journey on a boat, the game feels like a very artistic, exploratory story of sadness.

It’s not just a console war in E3, no – Command and Conquer has also promised a mobile version of their RTS, and the next Elder Scrolls game ‘Blades’ is releasing for the mobile as well. Let’s hope we don’t have to wait long for most of these to release (remember Red Dead Redemption-2 trailer that came out 2 years back?).

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