Siddaramaiah says he will quit electoral polity, but will continue to remain in active politics

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Siddaramaiah says he will quit electoral polity, but will continue to remain in active politics

Mysuru May 12 (UNI) Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah today indicated that the current elections would be the last he would fight and will bid adieu to electoral polity.

Talking to newsmen before the exit polls were out indicating that the BJP would be in upswing, Mr Siddaramaiah, however said that he would remain to be in active politics and guide his followers. He maintained that the Congress would secure absolute majority in the Assembly elections that concluded today.

“From very beginning for last six months I have been telling that Congress party will get majority. Neither JD(S) nor BJP has any chance. Only Congress will come to power and I will be the Chief Minister again,” Mr Siddaramaiah told reporters here.

Answering questions, he maintained there was no dispute in the Congress rank and file on who will be the ‘next Chief Minister’.

“Our party has already decided to hold elections under my leadership. What does it indicate?

The Chief Minister ruled out possibility of any post-poll alliance with JD(S) to get the requisite numbers saying Congress would get majority of its own and so such situation will not arise.

Mr Siddaramaiah had successfully steered the Congress providing a stable government for five years from 2013 to 2018 in Karnataka, which has in the past seen repeated changes of chief ministers since 1978.


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