Rajinikanth as a politician will do good for the people of Tamil Nadu: ‘Kaala’ director Pa Ranjith

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Rajinikanth as a politician will do good for the people of Tamil Nadu: ‘Kaala’ director Pa Ranjith

Kaala director Pa Ranjith chats with the media before the launch of his magnum opus with Superstar Rajinikanth. The director has stated that the character of Rajinikanth in his film which is set in Dharavi, Mumbai, is based on his grandfather.

Question: What is the association between your film ‘Kaala’ and Airtel?
Pa Rajinth: We have tied up with Airtel as the producers felt this would be one way to reach out to the masses. I think ‘Kaala’ will get a wide reach as a result of this association.

Question: What can people expect from ‘Kaala’?
Pa Ranjith: People can expect a very interesting film for sure. This is going to be a movie for the masses.

NewsX: There was talk that this film is about politics.
Pa Ranjith: Like Rajini sir has already stated clearly in the audio launch of the film, this movie has some politics but it is not about politics. We have not touched upon electoral politics but only about the issues of the people.

Question: There has been a huge protest against Sterlite in Thoothukudi and some people have lost their lives as well. Do you think this due to the inaction of the Tamil Nadu government?
Pa Ranjith: In recent times, we have seen numerous such protests and firings right from the time of the Paramakudi incident. To see these protests as being against the government is wrong. The government and the people have to work together on these issues. The government should not look at the people as enemies but understand their problems and do what is required for them. I don’t know how long we are going to see the loss of lives in this fight. This has to be condemned.

NewsX: You have been speaking out a lot about politics in recent times. Are you an observer or a political activist?
Pa Ranjith: I am speaking out about the problems that I see. I feel it’s important to have a discussion in society about issues. How long are we going to keep talking about it? At least in this generation, we should move towards a society which has no caste-based barriers and religious differences. To break those barriers, it’s the youth that is important and which is why you are seeing the youth moving towards the political space. That’s why we have had youth protests for so many issues recently. The youth are not happy and if we don’t discuss these issues even now, we won’t get an opportunity in future. Even after 70 years of independence we still have caste and religious barriers and have discrimination, and women are oppressed – and this is the time to discuss and make youngsters think about this and find means to break these barriers. This is the reason why I am constantly discussing these issues.

NewsX: Rajinikanth is coming into politics. Do you think he’s going to make a good political leader?
Pa Ranjith: He is someone who cares about the people very much. And he will definitely do and give what is required for the people of Tamil Nadu. This is my belief and I think this belief will not go waste.

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