Politics around Kalsyan chaupal and `Chabutura’

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Politics around Kalsyan chaupal and `Chabutura’

Amidst the politically surcharged atmosphere in Kairana Lok Sabha bypolls the two main contenders Mriganka Singh of BJP and Tabssum Hasan of Rashtriya Lok Dal, professing different faith are descendents of the same Gujjar family of Baba Kalsa. They are from the same `Khaap’ Kalsyan of Gujjar community.. The family was divided into Hindu and Muslims faiths around a century ago.

The politics of Kairana revolve around the Kalsyan chaupal of Hindu Gujjars and `Chabutura’ of Muslim Gujjars.  Chaupal and Chabutra becomes the war room of the two communities during the elections. Hukum Singh, whose death caused the by election, father of Mriganka Singh   and Hasan family are the descendents of the same family and both the families despite pursuing political career in different political parties have close ties.

Both the families have dominated the politics of Kairana which was earlier part of the Muzaffarnagar district now in Shamli district. Owing to the prevailing political and social situation a century ago one branch of the family embraced Islam.

Maan Singh was the son of Baba Kalsa   and during his time the family was divided into Hindu and muslims.  Mukhtar Singh was the son of Maan Singh who had two sons Rampal Singh and Hukum Singh, the sitting BJP MP Kairana who died after long illness on February 3.

The elder of the Hasan family is Akhtar Hasan who had five sons—Munawwar Hasan, Arshad Hasan, Anwar Hasan. Kunwar Hasan and Sarwar Hasan.   The present SP MLA from Kairana Nahid Hasan is the son of Munawwar Hasan, the former MP from Kairana who died several years ago in a road accident. Nahid Hasan had defeated Mriganka Singh in 201 7 UP assembly elections who had contested the poll as BJP candidate.

As per the family ties Nahid Hasan is the great grandson of Hukum Singh and his daughter Mriganka Singh is Nahids Bua (Aunt) .  Though Hasan and Singh families are in different parties they have close social ties and attend social functions like marriage in each other’s family.

It’s for the first time that the women of the two families are pitted against each other in the elections in kairana Lok Sabha seat. The seat has five assembly segments scattered in Muzaffarnagar and Shamli district.  As usual the Hindu chaupal and Muslim chabtura are active as `war room’ for the BJP and RLD candidates.   Both the women have inherited politics as Begum Tabasuum; also a former MP from the Bahujan Samaj party is the wife of the former Samajwadi party MP Munawwar Hasan Mriganka Singh is contesting the Lok Sabha election for the first time.

Both the Hindu and Muslim Gujjar familes have dominated the political scene of Kairana for the last several decades.  Hukum Singh, father of Mriganka Singh was elected from the Kairana assembly seart for seven times and also cabinet minister in BJP governments headed by Kalyan Singh and Rajnath Singh and also the deputy speaker of the UP assembly. Munawwar Hasan, late husband of Begum Tabassum was elected from Kairana assembly seat for two times, two terms MP. He was also the member of Rajya Sabha and MLC.  As happened during the previous election in last over four decades whoso ever wins the remote control will remain in the hands of the Chaupal and chabtura.

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