Political Parties for Dummies – The Morung Express

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Political Parties for Dummies – The Morung Express

Kahuto Chishi Sumi
Hevishe Village, Khaghaboto Range

Nagas are new to Democracy; we purport to be practicing Universal Adult Franchise and vote for Candidates and Political Parties without the slightest clue as to what we must expect from them, except for the vague term, “Development”. And what is worse is that the Fools standing for Electoral Office and their sycophants in the Political Parties have no clue as to what is their purpose, and think that obtaining an Electoral Mandate gives them the right to twist and abuse the Laws of The Land. The problem is further compounded when the Venial, Spineless Jellyfish inhabiting the various departments of the Bureaucracy, instead of telling the Elected Nincompoops what they can and cannot do, kowtow to their every corrupt whim, so that they may enjoy a Slice of The Pie of Sin.


So, who or what do we blame for the mess Nagaland is in? The answer is, “Our Ignorance”. Katoli Shohe, my elder sister, recounted an incident, during one of our Assembly Elections, when she asked a driver, “Apuni khan laga jaga ti bi kun pari bo nishena ase?” (Who is likely to win in your Constituency?)The driver promptly replied, “Ki kobo na memsahib, aji kali Election bi Politics hoise?” (What can I say, Madame, these days, even Elections have become Politics). This sums up the Naga’s attitude towards Matters of State; everything we do not understand, we classify as politics, as in “Itu sob Politics ase!”(This is all Politics).


The two basic Systems of Government are Liberalism and Marxism, with Socialism being a compromise between the two; (I will leave out Fascism for another day). Both Liberalism and Marxism purport to be based on Democratic Principles, but Liberalism allows a Democracy of multiple political parties, whereas Marxism envisages a single party Democracy. Since The Indian Constitution is based on Liberal Principles, we have a multitude of Political Parties.


When a group of people share a similar vision and get together so that they may shape their Nation/State in accordance with their vision, a Political Party is born. This Ideology and Vision is outlined in the Manifesto of the Party; and the purpose of forming a Political Party is so that they may take over the seats of power in order to direct the Affairs of state in accordance with their Party Manifesto.


A Political Party based on Ideology, is a true Political Party. And the Hallmark of a Political Party based on Ideology is that it does not accept defectors. But after the Second World War, the newly Independent Countries of Asia and Africa, saw the rise of a new type of Political Party; Political Parties based on Charisma, Religious, Racial, Tribal and Caste (in the case of India) factors appeared. These new Political Parties depended, not on the Manifesto of the Party, but on the Personality of the Leader of the Party.


In the context of India, the pre-Independence Indian National Congress, which took over the reins of power from the British, did not have time to evolve into a proper Political Party with a clear Ideology, before Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru turned it into a Personality/ Dynasty based Party. Mrs. Indira Gandhi completed the job with the formation of the Congress (I) and established it into a Personality/Dynasty Based Political party. The B.J.P., which emerged as the challenger to the Congress (I) was a proper Political Party, based on the Ideology of Hindutva until Narendra Modi and Amit Shah started accepting all comers into its fold, in an attempt to grab power by any means possible. It leaves the Communist party of India (Marxists) as the only true major Political Party in India.


In the context of Nagaland, our Political Parties are clueless; whether it is the ruling N.D.P.P. /B.J.P. combine, the Opposition N.P.F. or the Congress (I). All of them have no Ideology, except the Ideology of Maximum Corruption combined with shameless Nepotism; and so too with their supporters. I have come to the conclusion that Nagas are not bothered with the rampant corruption that eats away at everything around us; our only objection to corruption arises when we cannot partake of it.


When I wrote against the previous NPF led DAN Government, I was heckled by their supporters and applauded by their detractors. Now when I write against the N.D.P.P./B.J.P led P.D.A. Government on the same Issues of Corruption and Nepotism, the hecklers have become applauders and the applauders have turned hecklers. How shallow are we Nagas? We are a pathetic bunch of losers.


But the vast majority of Nagas remain silent. I believe that if fresh young men form a True Political Party, with a true Manifesto based on Anti-Corruption and Social, Economic and Political Justice for All Nagas, this silent majority will gravitate to it. Nagas are inherently honest; that given the alternative of doing the right thing, we will choose it. It is because we lack this choice that the Corrupt have taken over Nagaland. I urge the Young People of Nagaland to rise up to the challenge of saving Nagaland from the Clutches of Immoral and Greedy Old Men. Save us from choosing between Two Evils; give us the Choice of Good.


God Save Nagaland.


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