Political murders in Kannur condemned

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Political murders in Kannur condemned

Over 60 women who have earned their place in the arts and socio-cultural arena in Kerala have come together to sign a statement, strongly condemning the continuing political murders in Kannur which have orphaned innumerable families.

Strong stance

Joining in the grief of families who lost their loved ones, the signatories have appealed to the civil society and the public at large to take a strong stance against this culture of violence, being promoted in the name of politics and religious fundamentalism.

Leaders of all political parties should come forward to end this violence. They should ensure that political murders will not ever take place in Kerala, the statement says.

It is for the leaders to guard their flock from spewing hatred against each other and maintain vigil that passions do not get out of hand, the statement says.

It appeals to all women and all those who believe in humanism to come together and raise their voice against the politics of violence and to stand up for those women and children who lost their loved ones in Kannur and Mahe.


The signatories of the statement include Sugathakumari, Sara Joseph, K. Ajitha, Aleyamma Vijayan, Bina Paul, Deedi Damodaran, Sajitha Madathil, Sreebala Menon, Sajitha Sankar, C.S. Chandrika, P.E. Usha, Geetha Nazir, Mercy Alexander, Jyoti Narayan, J. Sandhya, Swapna George, Zeta Dasan, Sonia George, Jolly Chirayath, Rima Kallingal, Praveena Kodoth, among others.

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