‘OnMobile focussing on gaming, video’

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‘OnMobile focussing on gaming, video’

OnMobile Global Ltd., a leader in mobile ring back tone (RBT) service in India, is reinventing itself by focussing on mobile entertainment to enhance revenue and profitability, top company officials said.

New opportunities

“Primarily we had been a Value Added Services company offering RBT services. Since RBTs are on a decline mode globally, we decided to look for new opportunities. As a strategy, we have branched into mobile entertainment. And we are focussing on video and gaming offering,” Ganesh Murthy, Global Group CFO, OnMobile Global Ltd., said in an interview.

“We have transformed ourselves from a VAS company to a mobile entertainment company. Last year, only 40% of our revenue came from RBT. We believe that games and video are the growth areas in the near future. Their usage is growing rapidly and we want to be part of that growth story,” he said.

“Now more and more we are focussing on gaming and video and we are investing in these areas. And that is our strategy for the future. We want to have higher share in the mobile entertainment segment going forward,” he added.

60% revenue

He said currently mobile entertainment accounted for 60% of the revenue, which would go up to more than 70% in three years. “We are not discontinuing RBT,” he added.

Sanjay Bhambri, president & COO (India, Asia, Middle East, Africa), OnMobile Global, said, “In the last six months we decided to get into new areas and focus on them. We also decided to retain RBT as a cash cow.”

The company recently unveiled its offerings on video and gaming and would expand these offerings in a phased manner across 60 countries where it has presence.

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