New technology aims to prevent wrong-way crashes

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New technology aims to prevent wrong-way crashes

LAS VEGAS – A new interchange at Canyon Road will be equipped with a detection system to help prevent wrong-way crashes.

“What are they thinking? Why can’t they stay in the right lane instead of going in the opposite lane?” said Daniel Flores, driver.

From drunk drivers to distracted ones, confusion is too common. 

“When they’re paying too close attention to their GPS and they’re not really paying attention to street signs in front of them. I think sometimes the GPS can send you down the wrong way,” Marshall Snarr, driver.

NDOT is installing technology that could help turn wrong-way drivers around. The improvements are part of the $78 million, six-mile-long, US 9-5 Phase “B” Project.

Signs will detect when a driver is going the wrong way and a red flashing beacon will activate and alert them.

The driver will also be tracked, and law enforcement and highway officials will be notified.

“I come from a country where one-way street signs are very poorly labeled and it’s very easy to accidentally go down the wrong way, and so anything that could help alert a driver that they’re not going with the flow of traffic, I think is good,” said Theron Stanford, driver.

From 2005 to 2015, there was 279 wrong way crashes on state freeway systems resulting in 41 deaths, according to NDOT.

Some studies have shown the wrong-way detection signs can reduce those crashes by 38%.

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