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Movies are for entertainment – Viral News

Movies are for entertainment

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Movies are for entertainment

The glamorous teenager, Yaashika Aanand popularly known as Yashika Anand, has emerged as one of the most famous teenagers of the city especially after the release of the adult comedy film, Iruttu Araiyil Murattu Kuththu (IAMK).

Growing up watching tame comedies and double meaning jokes of Goundamani Senthil, Vivek, Santanam and various other comedy talents,  one of the few regions Tamil cinema has ignored until recently are adult comedies. It’s a genre which is popular in Bollywood circles that is unexplored in Tamil cinema. But with the advent of films like Iruttu Araiyil Murattu Kuthu, which have raunchier content than the average Tamil cinema, the trend seems to be changing.  


The popular Instagram girl with a huge fan base of 3.51 lakh followers has been the sensation of the town due to her bold and courageous ways. She graduated from the Good Shepherd school in Nugambakkam and is currently pursuing her BA in correspondence along with her acting career. Beyond the general perversion and the generic comments that the audience tends to make, she feels that the maturity level of the audience should increase not only in terms of adult comedy but also in accepting different kinds of genres that the industry has to offer.

“I’m not saying that my focus is only on adult sexual comedy films but I think as an individual, a person should watch these kinds of films just for the purpose of entertainment. Movies are usually made for entertainment purposes or a social cause, and we made IAMK on that basis. Many people typecast and stereotype you but breaking the taboos and barriers is what IAMK is all about. I never thought IAMK would give such an unexpected reaction, especially all the love I’m receiving on social media. Instagram is a part of my life and there is a lot of negativity on social media, especially with people commenting under your pictures not knowing the difference between adult films and pornography.  Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru, was a different character altogether and I was just 16 back then. When people recognise me for my work, it makes me immensely happy”, says Yaashika.  

The lack of adult comedies can be attributed to pandering to family values and family friendly filmmaking as these comedies are usually watered down to something that is unappealing to both family and adult audiences.

“In the sets of IAMK, we had to fully talk in terms of double meanings. It was super fun and I had an amazing time shooting. We worked day and night to finish the shooting in 16 days while the songs were shot separately for 22 days”, says the 18-year-old.

She reveals,” I always wanted to become a pilot. I realised it wasn’t my cup of tea because of the excessive studying and hard work that I had to put in just to succeed in that field. That being said, I was always

the family entertainer and the centre of attention among my family and relatives. I did a lot of skits and dramas in school (along with short films before D16) which made me believe that I could pursue a career in acting and make money out of the same.”

Being a victim of the casting couch, the young teenager finds the need to eradicate the same through her influence. Yaashika is currently working with her biggest celebrity heartthrob, Vijay Devorkonda for NOTA and she calls it her dream project!

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