Mother’s day: Motivagers Club opts ‘Bollywood Retro’ theme for senior citizens

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Mother’s day: Motivagers Club opts ‘Bollywood Retro’ theme for senior citizens

Lucknow: On the occasion of Mother’s day, Lucknow-based Motivagers Club that works for the interests of senior citizens of the society on Sunday entertained the elders on the ‘Bollywood Retro’ theme.

It was the sixth edition of the club that turned out to be a grand one as well with the singing performance by Aamra Illias as she began the show with a song ‘maa tu kitni acchi hai…’ and made everyone recall the essence of mother’s role in life.

There was a debate session carried out thereafter in which there was discussion on the topic ‘difference in modern and retro cinema’. On one hand it was the experienced lot of seniors who talked and shared their experience about the life that they had witnessed 3-4 decades back and on the other hand it was the youth brigade who gave their opinion on the current day scenario of the cinematic world.

Club Member OP Dixit shared his opinion about the retro cinema and said that there was a time when people had less movies to watch and had more passion for the release of movie resulting in the Golden Jubilee and Silver Jubilee of the movies and people with one single screen hit earned huge amounts but now a days the cinema has become lot more commercial and there are various option for the people.

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Projecting the youth way out, Kalyani Tripathi, who came from Tokyo, Japan talked about the experience that she had spend during her childhood in Lucknow and compared with the things and change in mindset that she has gone through now after working in Japan and USA for several years. Founder of the Motivagers Club Gaurav Chhabra showed light upon the importance of blend that current cinema has with the amalgam of old retro cinema and the new commercial movie making.

Best moment came as senior citizens and retired officers present on the occasion appreciated the typical ‘Shayari’, poetry and the acting skills that founder members Astha Singh and Prishita Rathi showcased on the occasion of Mothers day to spread smile on the faces of these aged people.

There were several games conducted keeping in mind the theme of the programme like “Dumb Charades and ‘Cinema pe Charcha’. Following to this several activities took place that made them dance on the songs of their times and the aged group looked all active and even the 80 plus seniors danced on the tunes of their favourite actors.

Motivagers club focuses on the need to connect with elders and provides them with the much needed happiness in the current day scenario when every youngster is busy in their own stressful world and seniors of the society are been sidelined. Club works in making them feel positive and bridge the gap amount the aged people and youth of the society.

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