Mahesh’s Bollywood Debut Just a Hogwash

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Mahesh’s Bollywood Debut Just a Hogwash

Bollywood media is showing so much interest in Tollywood affairs these days thanks to popularity of our movies up north due to digital media.

There is another prime reason: most of our top Tollywood heroes have hired Mumbai PR agencies to build their brand value. Prabhas, Mahesh Babu, Ram Charan and Allu Arjun are using these services.

The overtly eager PR agencies are feeding all sorts of false information to the Mumbai media about their clients to generate interest about them.

Prabhas is victim of wedding rumours thanks to his PR agency. Now Mahesh Babu is putting up with rumours about his Bollywood debut.

Mahesh Babu has clearly stated many times that he’d not debut in Bollywood. His Kollywood debut itself was a disaster with “Spyder”.

He is happy doing films in Tollywood that brought him national recognition and popularity.

Even in the past, many Tamil and Telugu stars did try their luck in doing straight Bollywood films and failed.

However, now, thanks to dubbed versions and digital platforms, their films are being watched. But working in a straight film is still a strict no-no as the sense and sensibilities don’t match those of Hindi audiences spread across the globe.

And our top heroes are wise enough to understand this.

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