Knee deep in the ‘droid: weird ways to play DOOM on Android

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Gauri Lankesh: For neighbours, Gauri Lankesh murder suspect a simple man | Pune News

Knee deep in the ‘droid: weird ways to play DOOM on Android

Knee deep in the 'droid: weird ways to play DOOM on Android

Even though there are many classic PC games that have been ported to Android, the Play Store lacks an official version of Doom for you to enjoy. However, that hasn’t stopped the many Doom obsessives out there from coming up with a way to get their fix. In their enthusiasm, some of these fan games inspired by the classic shooter end up deviating quite far from the original concept, while still having that unmistakable flavor. Let’s take a look at the skewed takes on Doom that the Play Store has to offer.


The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree for our first entry on this list. Freedoom is effectively a Doom port which comes with an alternative set of original and open source assets and game levels (as those from the original 1993 game are copyrighted). Freedoom is also compatible with most of the vast collection of fan-made “WADs” (i.e. game levels) that can be found online in the idgames archive, so you can keep adding content to your heart’s desire.

 Almost just like old times. / © AndroidPIT (screenshot)

One can play the levels that come with Freedoom on your Android phone without any major issues, and the touch controls are well-implemented and customizable. There’s even the option to bring up a virtual keyboard. The original assets don’t stray far from the Doom theme, and aren’t intended to. You’re still blasting ugly creatures in a vaguely industrial wasteland, but it has more than enough fun factor to compete with other free Android games on the Play Store.

As an added bonus, you can always load your old (legally owned, of course) original Doom files into the app’s config folder, if you want to play the real thing on your phone. Fantastically, this also goes for related games on the same engine, such as Heretic, Hexen, and Strife.

Doom Master of Sin

Now for something completely different. Master of Sin is quite a twist on the Doom format. It’s not a first-person shooter at all, but rather a kind of strategy/defense game where you control the bad guys. You have the ability to spawn classic Doom enemies such as the fearsome Cyberdemon, Pain Elemental and Arachnodemon, which then advance in waves against the (rather difficult) AI army.

The ancient struggle of evil vs evil. / © AndroidPIT (screenshot)

While the game is simple tower defense and the unit roster is limited, replayability is added by options to mutate your monsters into new versions, and overall, Master of Sin is a fun distraction for short gaming sessions. With classic Doom visuals and music, all completely free, what’s not to like? Don’t just give in to sin—become the master.

Flappy Doom

Love the idea of flappy bird, but it’s just too cutesy for someone as hardcore and edgy as yourself? Well, just add a twist of Doom and voila, instant badass. At least, this is the premise behind Flappy Doom, in which you play a Lost Soul from the Doom universe flying through ‘heck’, dodging obstacles along the way.

You have to admit, it’s still kind of cute. / © AndroidPIT (screenshot)

A very casual game for lovers of blood and skulls, Flappy Doom doesn’t do much to hold one’s attention in the long term, but if you must have a flappy game, then why not show off your old school gaming cred by helping this cute little flaming skull on its journey.

Doom 200&1

So Doom, uh, two hundred and one, eh?. Created as an example to teach students how to make 2D games in Android, this simple version re-imagines Doom as a side-scrolling arcade shooter.

Doom200&1 is a 2D, Doom-inspired side-scroller. / © AndroidPIT (screenshot)

You’re back in the green armored boots of the classic Doomguy, who has to face an onslaught of 200 monsters ending with the fearsome Cyberdemon. As the game progresses, progressively powerful enemies emerge. To gun down these tough foes. You get powerups granting temporary armor boosts, invisibility, immortality and triple fire.

While nowhere near as advanced as the original first person shooter, Doom 200&1 is still a fun distraction, and popping those nasty Cacodemons with rockets never ceases to be satisfying.

Gloomy Dungeons 2: Blood Honor

The Gloomy Dungeons series of indie games don’t feature the monsters from the original Doom like the previous entries. But what it lacks in specific creature references it makes up for in spirit. As a gritty, old-school first person shooter, it’s one of the better classic style Doom clones for your phone you can get.

Prepare to meet your gloom! / © AndroidPIT (screenshot)

Gloomy Dungeons 2 also has the nice touch of including several weapon set ups that aren’t possible in the original Doom, such as dual wielding and sniper rifles. Definitely worth a try for Doom fans, as the game is free and even comes with built-in cheats if you just want to give yourself all the weapons and powerups and let ‘er rip.

Dead Shell: Roguelike RPG

Dead Shell is an entertaining tap game full of sly references to Doom, from the outfits, to the demonic enemies, to the BFGs. You command a squad of mercenaries whose job is to tool up and navigate procedurally generated dungeons to clear them of evil monsters.

dead shell
A distant branch of the Doom family tree. / © AndroidPIT (screenshot)

While fun and flavorful, Dead Shell isn’t exactly free like the others on this list. Instead, the game’s difficulty is geared to encourage you to make in-app purchases for advantages in the game. Your mileage may vary depending on how much you enjoy the Dead Shell, or how much you’re willing to splash on a ‘casual game’.

If you enjoyed this collection of Doom-tastic titles, you might also like to keep up with what’s happening in Android gaming with our monthly review round-up of the best new Android games.

What do you think of these homages to Doom? Do you know of any Doom clones on Android that we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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