Karnataka people rejected divisive politics of Congress: Sitharaman

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Karnataka people rejected divisive politics of Congress: Sitharaman

on Tuesday said people of have rejected the “divisive, toxic and very negative” of and voted for Modi’s development thrust.

Reacting to results which showed crossing the half-way mark, Sitharaman termed it a “historic day” for the party.

“The divisive, toxic and the very, very negative of the party has been completely rejected and for which we owe a very big thank you to people of They did not go by the kind of polarisation the wanted,” the said.

Sitharaman said people of had recognised clear arguments of Modi and that development alone can lift all the sections of the society.

Referring to Modi’s slogan of “Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas,” she said the people of Karnataka had favoured Prime Minister’s call that Indian will have to be guided by development and this alone can remove many of the hurdles “which stop us from reaching higher levels”.



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