I tweet for entertainment, not to harm: Ram Gopal Varma

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Spine tattoos so pretty that you’d want to get one STAT
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I tweet for entertainment, not to harm: Ram Gopal Varma

Ram Gopal Varma’s film titled Officer, that has  Nagarjuna playing the lead role, is ready for release. RGV is in Hyderabad to promote the movie. The film is about an honest, sincere officer who has issues with his own department.

RGV has made several films on cops and the underworld, so what’s new in this film? “It’s not a regular cop drama, it’s about an officer appointed for Special Investigation Team. This film is based on a real incident that happened five years back. When an IAS or IPS officer did something wrong in a particular State, the court appoints a special officer from another State to investigate. I know one such incident; I met those people, did research on various details and then wrote this story,” he said.


Is the film inspired from the Taken series of Hollywood? RGV denies it, saying, “In Tollywod, people assume that I copy from somewhere. So, that’s how some of the media speculated about this film too. For Nagarjuna, this film is a different one. He liked the intensity of his character and that’s the reason he agreed to come on board immediately.” 

Worried of PK’s fans? 

RGV’s recent confrontation with Pawan Kalyan have angered the latter’s fans. Is he worried they may sabotage his film’s chances at the box office? 

“I don’t believe in this. If the cinema is good, people will come to the theatres to watch it,” says RGV, clarifying that he doesn’t have any rivalry with the Mega family. “I never target any person or any family and I don’t have any differences with Mega family either. I was supposed to make a film with Chiranjeevi 20 years back, but that film was shelved because of my mistake. I confessed it too. After that I never met Chiranjeev and Pawan Kalyan.”

Tweets and Sri Reddy

“I just tweet for entertainment and not to harm anyone. I react on some issues —  that’s my nature. I will tweet on Narendra Modi, Trump and many others, including Amitabh Bachchan who takes it in his stride,” said RGV.

Talking about Sri Reddy, he said he wanted to divert the issue, so he got in touch with her. “She was accusing many people in the industry — I wanted to divert the attention, so I got in touch with her. Then the whole issue took another turn.”


The Civil Service ranker Y. Akshay Kumar met RGV and told him he followed ‘Ramuism’ and also read his book Naa Ishtam. He was inspired by RGV.

“I don’t advise any person and I did the same when I met this Civil ranker too. I failed two times in Engineering and am not an educated person. I was curious though how a Civil service ranker got inspired by me!” said RGV.

And in typical RGV style, he concludes, “If people like Allu Aravind say I am an intelligent crook, then I say they are intelligent fools!” he concludes.

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