HTC’s Upcoming Android Powered Blockchain Phone is Called Exodus

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HTC’s Upcoming Android Powered Blockchain Phone is Called Exodus

HTC's Upcoming Android Powered Blockchain Phone is Called Exodus

Blockchain and AI are perched on front seats when it comes to the technology of the feature. The blockchain is taking baby steps towards gaining mass acceptance and this seems to have caught with the fancy of phone makers. As reported earlier, Finney is the first blockchain centric smartphone with an emphasis on supporting Decentralized apps. Now, HTC is developing a new Android phone that will be powered by the blockchain technology.



HTC is calling the device “Exodus” and this will come with a built-in wallet and a secure hardware enclave that will support an array of blockchain and cryptocurrency values. With this in effect, HTC has gotten back Phil Chen who will be heading its blockchain and cryptocurrency initiatives and the Exodus will be a subset of the same.

The premise of such phones is not just security. The phone makers also promise to offer a better overall experience when it comes to cryptocurrency and makes room for decentralized apps. Yet another added benefit is that users of Blockchain phones will be able to trade the native cryptocurrency without any exchange fees.

That being said, we are not sure how secure the device will be since it is still based on Android and not a custom OS. It will also be interesting to know whether or not the HTC Exodus will employ a sandboxed environment for tighter security. At this juncture, the world is yet to witness the benefits that devices like the Finney phone or the HTC Exodus will offer. It’s quite likely that the future phones will be readied with blockchain and generic cryptocurrency compatibility in mind.

HTC is yet to announce the pricing for the phone but the company has said that it will offer cryptocurrency as a mode of payment. Meanwhile, the Blockchain phone from the Sirin labs is due for an October launch.

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