How to install MIUI 8 on any Android Phone

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How to install MIUI 8 on any Android Phone

How to install MIUI 8 on any Android Phone

Xiaomi has become one of the most selling smartphone brands in India and registers impressive sales figures for its every launch. All Mi devices run on the customized OS MIUI, which is based on Android platform but has numerous customizations from Mi, which makes it one of the most user-friendly operating systems. MIUI is highly popular amongst smartphone users due to the incredible customization and flexibility options it offers.

MIUI is loaded by default on all devices from Xiaomi/Mi, but if you have another Android device and want to install MIUI 8 on it, then you need to follow the step-by-step guide mentioned below.

Pre-requisites: You need to charge your smartphone to 100% battery before you begin the process. You must have installed the latest version of TWRP Recovery and Unlocked Bootloader on your device to be able to complete this process.

– Step 1: You must download the MIUI 8 ROM from any of the official sites or from a verified source only. Save a copy in the external SD card or internal storage of your smartphone.

– Step 2: Now you must turn off your phone. While restarting press the volume up and power buttons simultaneously for approximately 5-7 seconds. This would boot your phone in TWRP recovery mode.

– Step 3: When in TWRP, choose the option “Backup” and create a backup copy of your system. You must keep a backup copy of your system in case of any issue later on.

– Step 4: Now you must return to the home screen in TWRP and select the Wipe option. Thereafter, select the “Advanced Wipe Option” and select the various partitions other than internal storage. Do not select internal storage for a wipe.

– Step 5: After the wipe process is complete, return to the home screen again and select the “Install” option. Now select the downloaded MIUI 8 ROM file stored on your SD card or internal storage.

– Step 6: Now confirm the installation option and wait for the installation of the ROM to complete.

– Step 7: After the installation is complete, you need to select the “Reboot system” option. First-time boot might take some time; if it doesn’t boot properly, you need to perform a factory reset from the recovery option.

– Step 8: You can use TWRP recovery to restore the previous ROM installed if you are not happy with the MIUI 8 ROM.

These are general steps that work on most of the devices, but on some devices, these may not work. You should consider carefully before starting this process as serious damage can also be caused by the device if you do not perform the steps as mentioned.

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