How this Entrepreneur is Mastering Mystery Audits With Technology

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How this Entrepreneur is Mastering Mystery Audits With Technology

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With customer excellence being need of the hour, mystery audit programs can deliver measurable results. Recently being awarded as the ‘Largest Mystery Audit Firm’ in Asia Pacific, Total Solutions Group (TSG) covers over 1600 cities in Asia. Further, its client base spans across the US, Europe, the Middle East, South East Asia and other parts of the world. Founder Kapil Malhotra shares more on the journey of measuring and monitoring customer experience.

What Got you Interested to Start a Mystery Shopping/Audit Solution Company?

When we started out we were essentially providing financial audit solutions and business re-engineering solutions to most of our clients. We realised, however, most clients were continually facing sales and customer service issues, resulting in loss of revenues. Eventually, we ventured into customer service and experience audit assessments in 1999. Internationally it is referred as Mystery Shopping or Mystery Audits, which we came to realize much later.

How TSG Today is Improving the Top Line and Bottom Line i.e. Revenue and Profitability of the Clients Through its Solutions?

TSG focuses on capturing customer experience with the products and services specially customized through its Mystery Audit Program where we send our specialised and trained auditors as decoy customers to purchase the products or avail the services and rate their experiences. TSG’s internal experts then analyses the audit insights, post which we share our recommendations with the client which further paves the path of extending a superlative customer experience which directly impacts both the top and bottom line of the organisation.

Revenue Wise Which Are the Top Sectors That You Serve?

Retail, Airlines, Automotive, F&B, BFSI, Real Estate, Health & Wellness, Hospitality, Luxury and the Telecom Industry are sectors amongst many others where we have seen a huge evergrowing demand.

How Technology Plays a Role in Conducting Mystery Audits?

Technology plays a role in enhancing speed, standardising processes, dishing reports and in providing top-notch analytics along with artificial intelligence based recommendations. We at TSG have adopted technology in a very frictionless manner wherein all our stakeholders starting with our auditors, back-office team and our end-clients have benefitted immensely by solving realtime problems in a paperless environment. However, I must acknowledge that the auditor and quality of audits shall always remain the heart and mind of our program which is beyond technology and is an acquired art.

How Are You Planning the Next Level of Growth?

As a company we have diverse interests – from audits to trainings, asset management, business reengineering, cost optimisation to core financial advisory, even productbased selling to ideation and incubation of new ventures. They are all a part of our present set of services and we certainly hope to be able to impact clients through all these services and more in a holistic way. Over the years, our list of solutions have grown from Mystery Audits which is a gap identifier to iTRAIN which is an employee skilling tool to iREPAIR which is an excellent solution to infrastructure maintenance to iREPLY which is a digital listening platform and finally to iCONNECT which is a unique customer acquisition and retention program, all these solutions cater to real problems that every organisation faces today

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