Here’s why ‘pregnant men’ just walked the ramp

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Here’s why ‘pregnant men’ just walked the ramp

Here's why 'pregnant men' just walked the ramp

'Pregnant' male model walking down the ramp.

‘Pregnant’ male model walking down the ramp. Photo: Instagram

Chinese designer Xander Zhou created a mini explosion at the London Fashion Week Men’s show held last weekend.

He sent male models down the London fashion week men’s runway with an unusual accessory: prosthetic pregnancy bellies.

That was not all.

Male models with prosthetic pregnancy bellies. Photo: Instagram

One model’s cropped T-shirt read New World Baby.

A post on the brand’s Instagram page reads, “At Supernatural, Extraterrestrial & Co., were prepared to welcome a future of male pregnancy.”

Eckhaus Latta had earlier made a female pregnant model walk the ramp with her belly exposed. Photo: Instagram

This is not the first time Zhou has grabbed eyeballs and headlines. His brand Eckhaus Latta, made waves in September 2017 for sending a pregnant model down the runway with her belly exposed.

Now, isn’t that pretty baffling and intersting?

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