Fact Sheet: TDP Needs No Spokesperson

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Fact Sheet: TDP Needs No Spokesperson

The Telugu Desam Party is probably the only political entity that does not need official spokespersons to attack or defend the party from the Opposition or explain things to the public. Why is that?

When the entire media belongs to the TDP, where then is the need for a separate person?

Barring Sakshi which belongs to YSRCP, all the other channels belong to people related to the TDP by way of community.

Therefore, any news programme telecast by these channels are packaged in such a way that the effect will be geared towards projecting TDP and Chandrababu Naidu as the messiah of the masses.

In fact, at one point of time, there were actually some very good spokespersons for the TDP but after the advent of Lokesh, the practice of channels themselves blatantly acting as the mouthpieces of the party is now more obvious.

Also, this way, the party will unnecessarily not have to get into damage-control mode due to goof ups by the spokesperson.

When Penamuluru MLC Rajendra Prasad targeted Tollywood for not fighting for special status to AP, it created quite a controversy and bad blood between TDP and Tollywood.

Therefore, making the media itself your spokesperson is the best way forward.

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