L Catterton Asia to buy 10% in Future Lifestyle

Eyewash or overstated technology? – The Hindu

Those who have felt a little guilty every time they bought something in a plastic carry bag may have heaved a sigh of relief on hearing […]

Zim lags in innovation, technology

John Kachembere  •  26 May 2018 2:44PM  •  0 comments HARARE – Zimbabwe is lagging in terms of technology after the country only made a […]

Deep Aero – Taking Drone Technology to the Next Level

Deep Aero has the innovative vision of building a blockchain and AI-powered drone economy with autonomous capabilities to transform urban transportation. To this end, the company […]

Customers angry after National Australia Bank hit by technology outage

MELBOURNE (Reuters) – National Australia Bank on Saturday suffered what it described as a “nationwide outage” to some of its technology systems, leaving customers unable to […]

Now is the time for Hong Kong to develop technological industries, liaison office official tells local students

Hong Kong should take advantage of its “best era for technology development” instead of belittling itself for losing the top spot on a global competitiveness ranking, […]

Technology is disrupting the way we work, but it’s not all doom and gloom | Technology

Business leaders and experts from around the country gathered at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas this week to talk about nothing less weighty than the […]

Civil liberties groups slam Amazon for facial recognition technology

Civil liberties groups in the United States are up in arms demanding Amazon stop offering law enforcement and governments use of its facial recognition technology. In […]

100 years of motion-capture technology

“Fast-forward two years later, and computing power has doubled. GPU power has doubled,” Ovadya says. “Unreal Engine has added even more capability and even more realism, […]

France’s Macron vows to invest nearly R1bn in African technology

French president Emmanuel Macron made the announcement to chief executives of the world biggest technology firms at the technology for good summit in Paris. […]

Potential of Facial recognition technology is limitless, Opinion

Fri, May 25, 2018 – 5:50 AM THE advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology will bring about unprecedented opportunities worldwide. A study by Accenture found that […]

Apple wins $539m from Samsung over smartphone technology

Apple has won $539 million, or about €460 million, from Samsung in the final throes of the companies’ US court struggle over smartphone technology, seven years […]

How can India equip itself for technology-led transformation?

India has witnessed a wave of transformation brought about by disruptive technological innovation, which has served to provide connectedness and economic inclusion to large sections of […]