Bollywood singer-actor opposes animal sacrifice

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Bollywood singer-actor opposes animal sacrifice

Popular Bollywood and Assamese singer-actor Zubeen Garg has invited the ire of priests at Guwahati’s Kamakhya temple for advising them to stop animal sacrifice.

Mr. Garg campaigned against animal sacrifice during his performance at a Bihu function near the temple complex on Monday evening. He took up the issue while referring to Bollywood actor-politician Govinda’s visit to the temple on Sunday, during which a buffalo was sacrificed.

“Govinda could have sacrificed himself and not a buffalo to satisfy the Mother Goddess (Kamakhya). No deity wants to be satiated with the blood of animals. Animal sacrifice in the name of religion must end,” Mr. Garg said.

His views have not gone down well with the Kamakhya priests. “A singer’s job is to sing, not preach about the age-hold rituals of one of the holiest Hindu temples. Mr. Garg should apologise for hurting religious sentiments,” Kabindra Sarma, chief spokesperson of the temple, told The Hindu.

“From the President of India to the average farmer, millions of people visit the temple. Each has his or her own way of seeking the blessing of the Goddess, and animal sacrifice is one of them. We don’t need lecturing from anyone who has no respect for tradition,” Mr. Sarma said.

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