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Bollywood memoirs – The Hindu

Visakhapatnam-based singer Poojan Kohli’s latest single is taking the Internet by storm.

A week since its release and the video Mehermaan has already garnered over one million views on YouTube. Composed by Sanket Sane, Mehermaan is said to be India’s first motion poster video and a tribute to Bollywood films.

Kohli says that the song was conceptualised about three years ago, but it took a while to take shape.

“We pitched the video before many music companies, but most of them said it wasn’t ‘filmy’ enough. And that’s how we came up with the idea of making a song with a Bollywood theme,” says the young singer all the way from Canada.

Produced jointly by Rajeev and Sidhant, the video is a little over four and half minutes long and takes the viewers on a nostalgic cinematic journey with some memorable scenes of popular films like DDLJ, Devdas, Maine Pyaar Kiya and Mohabbatein. “I went with the concept to Anush Gorak who had earlier worked on my videos as an editor and cinematographer and he and his team said that they could pull this off. From the making of the song to its video release, it has been a long journey . We are really excited about the final output,” says Kohli. The singer is currently working on a couple of Hindi and Punjabi songs that are expected to be out soon.

Last year, Kohli’s first Bollywood single Chal Mahiye was applauded for its lilting notes and soulful rendition. Kohli had sung in Telugu films like Naruda Donaruda, Kshanam and Raja Meeru Keka besides a few Kannada and Tamil films. He is currently recording for an untitled Telugu film.

He says, “I don’t intend to stick to a particular genre, but I want to make sure the work which is put out has meaningful lyrics.”

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