Best HR apps for Android phone users

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Best HR apps for Android phone users

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Human Resources is a liability to every organization to make the workflow smooth but it is believed HR is the most messed up department in most of the companies and the ones who have managed to explore the same to its full potential has used it make their workforce efficient, reliable and active with this department.

When mobile app development companies are solving almost every problem of the world surely can solve the hectic schedule of an HR executive and Manager to get the things done right. The dynamic nature of job responsibilities can be made easy with the help of the following apps 

Let’s find out How?

“Zoho people” helps the HR in managing employee’s attendance, time-delays, and other activities from a center point. It has access control in a way that only HR can monitor the resources.

It is helpful to employees as well; they can apply for leave and check their sandwich leaves.

The mobile app developers have designed it in such a way that if biometric is present, it can automatically sync the data from the biometric device.

Contacting colleagues is so much easier now with the help of Zoho people. It filters out people you might know from the contact list having mutual departments.

It does not only support employee management but also the communication channels used like emailing, texting, calling, etc. it’s a top-rated HR management app so it may cost above $35 per month.

Nimble Schedule is a time tracking app that helps Human resource department in managing the work of employees and their productive working hours. Its services include alerting and reporting, wherein you check the GPS stamping of the staff member and record in check-in or checkout time.

Tracing of employees is available offline as well.

It usually helps in providing productive workforce and environment so that entrepreneur knows if the people are working efficiently. Or is the right person working at the right position in the company? However, even the users can check their shift swaps, request short leaves, etc.

using an easy to use, effective user interface. 

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BambooHR is a software service that is available for using an online platform providing human resource professionals to keep track of employees. This app helps in saving HR’s time as it has an in-built HRIS (Human resource information system) which provides spreadsheets.

Holidays can be requested and sanctioned on this software. 

The easy to use the directory and a time off tracker is what all HRs want! So it is enabled with all of such functionalities. It’s a heavy platform to use and is usually adopted by strictly professional companies.

It has different packages, which start, from $99 per month and above, this is all because of strong security and data protection provided within this application service.

It is a perfect application for the corporate world as it maintains transparency between management department and other subordinates. It enables the employees with the accessibility to view their payrolls and tax reports.

It has certain sections where the owners need to provide information about all the deductions that would be carried out.

Even the company’s growth rates are visible to the employees to let them see how the enterprise is focusing and carry forwarding towards goals. Android app developers have included every basic feature that is needed in any HR app.

It has all the security controls with encryption of private or confidential data. It is a customized app and can be taken by the company in operation only on request.

Workday has a key feature of performance management, which helps in analyzing the work efforts of an employee. However, it has all the other functionalities required in an HR management app as well.

This application is mostly prevailing in global offices where organizational charts and graphs help to track in the talent management and organizational management. It has a simple goal of making the task of HRs as easy as it could be.

There is another feature, which is exclusive to this application, that is, it provides recruiting tools. Therefore, the company can easily connect to compatible career platforms integrated with social media, which helps the HR to hire dedicated employees by reviewing their profiles.  

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This mobile application development service is again a utility type app for human resource executives, which helps in monitoring and managing employee shifts, exceeding of deadlines and allows you to send push notification if a deadline is missed or when the new task is assigned. Such tools always reduce HR efforts and time required; instead, this could be invested in some other good, creative and productive task.

Besides solving HR’s job, it also makes employer’s job easy by giving a choice to the employees to choose their shifts from and finish out the given task. It costs an enterprise a nominal price of $33 per month.

Oracle owes its brand value, thus it is no more behind any other top-rated mobile app development company. This app provides access to employee’s data and operations within the office premise.

This app also helps in better learning and development of the workforce.

It can be controlled by Oracle tap application, thus making you equipped with other Oracle products. It has the capability to upgrade the employee’s profile automatically with genuine work status.

Individual packages are brought forward a request by the companies.

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Human Resources form an integral part of any company and have the most decent profiles to make the environment healthy and bring peace among the employees by making their hours happy at the office but behind the scenes the pressure of last-minute wrap-ups, event organization, salary calculation and queries can take a lot out of team of HR. So, it’s advisable by mobile app development companies to use the solutions so created to make the arrangements easy and managed. 

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