Basic habits for a productive lifestyle

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Basic habits for a productive lifestyle

Basic habits for a productive lifestyle

In this age and day, it is not very easy to inculcate a productive lifestyle. With social media dings on one side and exciting content on Netflix on the other, it becomes a challenge to get things done on time and to have a routine in general (because digital distractions mess with our routines big time).

Now, there are two solutions for this problem. One — listen to your mother and burn your smartphone or two — make a few habits that would help you lead a productive lifestyle.
Well, as we would love to opt for the second solution for obvious reasons, here are a few habits to inculcate to be your productive self:

To-do lists

Now, being productive doesn’t mean burdening yourself with loads of work. Cut down your to-do list. By doing this, one is forced to get the important things done for the day. And when you successfully check out everything on the list, call it a day because you just had a super productive one.

Carry a book

The major part of your time goes by scrolling through the news feeds and posts. This is something which you start just to check the latest updates and it goes on and on until you realise it is too late to get anything else done. So, instead of turning to Instagram when you’re bored, pick up a book. This will ensure you don’t extend your break time beyond what you intended to.

Sleep routine

Not having a fixed sleep routine is big no-no if you are aiming for a productive lifestyle. Sleep and wakeup at a particular time every day because how you start and end your day are very important.

An activity

It is important to be physically and mentally active to be prepared for the day ahead. So, it is recommended to start your day with some kind of physical activity such as jogging or walking or yoga. A 20-minute activity is all you need for a super productive day.

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