Android P final updates appear with some amazing new features | Tech | Life & Style

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Android P final updates appear with some amazing new features | Tech | Life & Style

Android P final updates appear with some amazing new features | Tech | Life & Style

Android P is due for final release around October time when Google launches its Pixel 3 and Pixel XL smartphones and now we have an early preview.

The latest Android P Beta 2 release has been unleashed to allow developers and early adopters to test and trial the mobile operating system.

While this early release helps to finalise the build and iron out any issues, it also gives us an early look at the new features coming to Android P.

This Android P Beta 2 has lots of features that are finalised for release in the Android P that will be coming to your phone.

Everything new in Android P

Android P – Adaptive Battery

One of the most exciting features, called Adaptive Battery, should help to extend the battery life of your current smartphone.

This feature uses intelligent machine learning to prioritise system resources so as to help save battery life.

This will work best for apps that already work with the Doze, App Standby and Background Limits features.

As a result Android P will be able to recognise any app using a lot of battery and allow you to use the App Actions section to downgrade or upgrade it to save battery.

Android P – Notch display support

Google has already revealed that it will support Android phones with notch displays. In fact its own .

The DisplayCount feature will help to find non-functional areas where content shouldn’t be displayed.

This should allow developers to save battery life by offering a blackout option or to utilise the space either side of the notch to effectively maximise screen use.

Android P – Notifications upgrades

Android P will offer better notifications thanks to an update that allows conversations to be displayed.

From the notifications you’ll also be able to do things like attach photos and stickers without going into the app – ideal for quick replies on social media.

There should also be the option for smart replies making responding without even opening apps, or potentially unlocking the phone, even quicker.

Android P – Security updates

Using fingerprint reader, facial recognition and iris recognition biometric security should be easier and more unified in Android P.

As a result you should be able to use biometric security within apps to verify payments and more.

Android P – Multiple camera support

Android P will allow for data to be shared from more than one camera at once. That means new features can be created for within apps.

This feature will allow for bokeh background blur due to depth information, seamless zoom, and stereo vision, to name just a few features.

Android P – Audio enhancements

Thanks to a new Dynamics Processing API audio should be enhanced in Android P.

This means sound can be adapted to suit the listener and be varied to fit the environment they are in at that time.

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